Our roadmap together @wildcard

We will help you navigate the startup journey. It's not an easy trek and most who start cannot finish. It's easy to get lost, side-tracked and give up. We are here to show you the way. We are your guides, your map makers, your conductors and your maintenance crew.

Phase 3 | SUPPORTBI IntegrationBI InsightBI InsightTest Flight ReleaseFirst In-Person ShowDevelopment KickOffAdmin PortalImplementationSoft LaunchBranding KickOffBranding DeliveryIdea ValidationLegal PrepMarket Fit ResearchYou are Here!We meetBusiness Strategy& Analysis Kick OffUX Kick OffSoftware & SystemFlowchartsUI MergeMVP DecisionsPlatform DecisionsMarketing Efforts& PlanningGo to Market Roadmap & PlanningRoadmap ExecutionKeep At It!Keep At It!Keep At It!First MarketFeedback IterationMarket StrategyRe-CalibrationMarket StrategyRecapKeep At It!ad infinitum...ad infinitum...6 Month ReviewMaintenance StartAdjustmentsAdjustmentsKeep At It!CONVERGENCEFULL LAUNCHPROJECT KICK OFFPhase 1 | BUSINESS ANALYSIS & STRATEGY - UX/UIPhase 2 | SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT