Our methodology @wildcard

Over the years, we’ve helped numerous clients navigate the often treacherous process of transforming their ideas into real-world applications. We employ a methodical mindset to integration design & software development. All projects follow this blueprint.

Petroglyph: Our Methodology

This is where we combine our expertise with your idea and find where it shines; where it might not perform & analyze every step of the execution together with you, building the confidence that it will fly.

This is where your product materializes. It will be designed, as intended, supporting your business and usable. We will test it together, let friends and family test it, gather the first round of feedback and make last minute adjustments to smooth those sharp edges!

Collaboration begins to materialize. With frequent incremental publishes, meetings and phone calls we keep you in the loop, not in the dark; making sure that we are headed in the right direction.

This is what most startups don't plan for: After the launch, how do you run a software-based business? We introduce you to the concepts, instruct you on what to expect and give you guidelines and options. Our job is to give you the necessary knowledge so that you can make an educated decision.